The Other Side of the Story

Over 3-years ago in April 2018, Virginia’s jeep collided with a virtually invisible blacked-out black jeep that was stalled on a very dark roadway access to a well-traveled road.  Sadly 3 other persons were hurt, but thank God they all have recovered.  Virginia risked her life by staying in the road helping them. There has been 3-years of torture and torment over someone else’s automobile negligence.  

In The News

The Purpose Fund Receives First Generous Donation

Houston, Texas– Portfolio Resident Services, Inc. is glad to announce that the organization has received a generous first donation for The Purpose Fund from Ms. Virgina Couch. 

Must Read

Named Executive Director

Reno, Nevada– Hope In Darkness, Inc. has named Virginia Terrell Couch as founding Executive Director. It is through Ms. Couch’s experience in philanthropy and journalism, Hope In Darkness is confident in her leadership and the future of the organization.

serious young black woman reading book in room with green walls

About Hope In Darkness, Inc.- Hope In Darkness, Inc. is a 501©(3) non-profit whose mission is to end parental alienation through intentional curriculum, rooted in the Social Learning Theory (SLT) and modeled behavior changes.


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